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Stacy Mackey, Relationship Coach

What Are Your Obstacles?

Every couple faces obstacles. Money, kids and sex top the lists of many. What I have found in my life is these stresses are surmountable. And in my work as a coach, I have come to learn how shifting your perspective is key to a thriving relationship. With my innovative tools and unwavering commitment, I can guide your couple to flourish.

Sharing stresses is healing and a way to be heard. If you would like to share your obstacle with me personally, begin here. I’ll hold it in confidence, and together we can plan a route to success.  –Stacy Mackey

Midwest Maven

Couplehood is the foundation of humanity that gives rise to family, community and society. What happens in the home determines what happens in society. Flourishing couples are key to a healthy society. By definition, cultivate is to grow and care for something under conditions you can control. In the world of gardening, it is widely understood that nutrient rich soil is required for sowing...

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Thank you for visiting my website, and let me know how I can help your relationship flourish! –Stacy Mackey

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