Committed relationships are not a luxury. They are a necessity.

Stacy Mackey, Relationship Coach

Are You Thriving?

Are you single and desire to be in a committed relationship? Is your couple encountering obstacles that have sent you into survival mode?

As your coach, I will identify what is preventing you from being in a thriving relationship. With my innovative guidance and your deep desire, we will get you on the path to cultivating your ideal couple.

If this speaks to you, the journey begins here.


As I get older and exposed to more information, I have drawn the conclusion that human existence is based primarily on habit. Merriam-Webster says: : a usual way of behaving : something that a person does often in a regular and repeated way Growing up, my mom kept a tidy home and undoubtedly I was expected to contribute to maintaining that goal. Today, that practice is alive and well in my own...

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