Outlaw YogaWhile living in Kansas in 2012, I tried yoga for the first time. It was a class, more of the restorative variety, offered at the local gym that left me less than jazzed about the practice. In 2015, after having moved to Colorado, I ventured into a chain studio for my free week of hot yoga. Sweating like a pig WHILE doing yoga poses was definitely more attractive for me. Still, though, it wasn’t an activity that I felt compelled to add to my calendar on a regular basis.

It wasn’t until this summer that the topic crept back into my consciousness. You know those thoughts that lurk in the background waiting to get noticed? Even after receiving a mass mail postcard from a local studio, I wasn’t inspired into immediate action. Finally, in September, after the whispers from my higher self could no longer be ignored, I went in for a complimentary session.

With a friendly environment, an intimate class and a super cool female instructor, maybe this yoga thing was gonna work out? And a workout it was … holy cow! This girl pushed my limits. And I secretly liked it! “Okay, I think I can come back for more of my free week.”

Each experience in this commUnity was enhanced with a different instructor (male and female) and new participant faces. The music was bold and fun. The poses were technically simple, yet physically challenging. Some of the classes even featured LIVE musicians. How cool! I like yoga!

As part of the sabbatical from my coaching practice, I also set aside all traditional contributors to expansion like books, webinars and networking. At least I thought I had. After joining the yoga studio, it took a few weeks for me to realize THEIR contribution to my expansion. My context for yoga had been from a place of physical exercise. It wasn’t until a few weeks in, that I heard words like self-love, flow and being. Ha! Okay, then. I simply required a different environment for my expansion.

What a delight to leave each class feeling more open and chill. Yes, chill is the word I use to describe the sensation. The Urban Dictionary calls that sweet, calm and easy going. You betcha! Transformation was happening, inside and out, that I was not fully aware of. My handstands! Yes, the strength I display in one of those bad boys impresses the crud out of me! My divine, feminine essence. Indeed, being more aligned with my true self leaves me feeling more graceful, light … feminine.

During class a few poses get called by their Sanskrit names and the final one, Shavasana or Corpse Pose, is one of deep restoration. It is a resting pose that allows one to be still and completely let go. I’ve taken to basking in the energy of peaceful gratitude. What a gift the folks of Outlaw Yoga have given me! The space they hold is filled with love and a commitment to connection … so perfect for a relationship coach intending to get her groove back.