Since when did people become such quitters? Is your job feeling uncomfortable? Quit. Is your spouse not meeting your expectations? Divorce. Does that one friend continue to irritate you? Release her. Life is too short to be so inconvenienced, right?

I call bullshit.

It seems to be the trend in the 21st century. The spiritual community has the prettiest wording for it, suggesting you release what no longer serves you. Okay, I get there are situations where this is valid, however I feel it’s too often taken out of context … a reaction versus a response. I do it all the time! Someone at work made me feel uncomfortable and my first thought is, “I deserve better than this. I’m outta here!” I’ve watched clients dump men they were seeing because he stirred her emotional pot. When did we become so soft?

Some folks say all the technological advances are to blame and we’ve turned into an instant gratification society. I can subscribe to that. Craving a burger? Turn left into the drive-thru of a fast food joint. Feeling lonely? Hop onto any social media website and be instantly “connected” to someone.

However, these reactions are so knee-jerk and lack intention. It’s sad to witness, even in myself. It takes something to really be aware of yourself and others. You might say it’s like a new kind of existence. The type of reality in previous centuries was dedicated to surviving. Our predecessors planted fields and tended to livestock for nourishment. They built their owns shelters to be protected from the elements. In the little time that remained in the day, connection with family occurred. Today, our food is delivered to the door of the home we signed a piece of paper for. So much more time available to connect with people, yet we don’t.

Why? I say it’s because we weren’t taught how. It seems connection between us is no longer for the purpose of preserving our existence. Or is it? Instead of the intention for procreation, relationship may very well be required for conservation. To nurture all that is grand and glorious on our planet. We created this amazing way of life that immediately provides for our needs and now is the time to slow down, in the same way you would after planting a seed. Give it time to germinate and sprout. What might be cultivated from our thoughtful responses?

Time. That seems to be what’s being neglected. Ha! I sound like an older generation person. “I remember when …” Time to think. Time to feel. Time to process. Time to allow humans to be. I’ve noticed that when I allow the inclination to quit to have its time in my space, the urgency dissipates. Glad I didn’t crumble under the discomfort. It’s not even that the next day was better, but rather the next moment was. Our life has sped up into small increments, requiring us to strengthen the muscles of our brains in a new way; to be more conscious and intentional. Expanded awareness.

The next time you feel that pressure to run, hide or quit, go to the tool shed in your mind and grab a shovel. Start digging into yourself and see what you find beneath the surface. What got triggered that had you react so quickly? Take time. Look at what was uncovered. Accept it. Love it. Clean it up. Tidy up the hole you dug because the seeds nearby want to sprout into something beautiful. You quitting is only hurting yourself.