Well, that didn’t take long! Last summer, when I decided to indefinitely pull the plug on my business, there was fear around when or if this chapter of my life would reopen. Now, I am tickled to announce, “I’M BAAACK!”

You can’t ignore invitations from the Universe, especially ones that are so blatant. Admittedly, I’m a thickheaded one who often requires the proverbial bat upside the noggin in order to get a message. Proudly though, this time around, I was open and willing to see the opportunities, as well as feel the readiness within me.

The fact remains, I love couples. I love being in my couple and very much desire to have everyone else experience the fullness and joy that comes with sharing life with your best friend. It’s true what they say about it not being an easy path, especially in today’s culture. We are an instant gratification society with everything available at our fingertips. When we don’t immediately get what’s desired, the reaction is to look elsewhere. It is sad to witness tender, young relationships end because one of the partners wasn’t satisfied and chose to seek out someone who could produce the “right” results.

The best comparison is that of a seed planted in soil. When you meet that potential, special someone, it is the beginning of something. With appropriate care and attention, that tiny seed has the ability to flourish into something extraordinary. Everyone knows this doesn’t happen over night. Many seedlings do not reveal themselves above the soil for at least two weeks. I know some women who can’t date a man that long before it ends. One of the two of them has outrageous expectations and a very limited timeline.

Along the path of the seedling, it goes through phases comparable to a relationship. Some folks make it past the sprouting phase then lose site of the need to nourish the young plant. They look to the other person to make the relationship thrive. It is so vital to look at the relationships as a separate entity … a third party distinct from the two individuals who occupy the space.My passion for relationship educations goes deep, as does the desire to get it to the masses. It is only fitting that I am the co-founder/owner of The Radical Love Summit. This is the project that called me back into the game after taking my hiatus. The summit’s mission is to revolutionize the way people experience love and relationships. Early in 2016, I found myself discouraged at the number of relationship, love and intimacy coaches who were popping up in the professional arena. “How can I ever find a client when competing with these people?” Then it came to me (with the help of a coach) that we aren’t in competition … we are all needed! So many industry professionals is required to help move humanity out of complacency around couples and into a confidence. It is also appropriate that we gather as many coaches/teachers/guides as possible into one weekend as a service for our community. What a blessing to be a relationship coach in 2017 and beyond!