About Stacy

Hi there! Welcome to my little spot on the World Wide Web! I truly am delighted you stopped by … AND it is my sincerest desire you are drawn into the blog posts (musings) and leave having been enlightened just a wee bit more.

As a seeker of truth, I have been willing to look where others fear to tread. In my desire to deepen the connection with myself, those closest to me and to life on this beautiful planet, I have arrived at today.

But before today, there was the journey …

My arrival on the planet came via a 17-year old girl in small town Kansas. The man who contributed to my creation married my mother in 1972 and the journey began.

Growing up, I was considered a shy girl who was quiet and well behaved. As an introvert, reading and writing have always been my hobbies of choice.

Chances are I’ve always been a tree hugger. At eight-years old, I saved enough cereal box tops to adopt a humpback whale, complete with color photograph! During college, in the 90’s, I spearheaded recycling efforts in my dormitory. Today, I’m still adopting animals (The Wild Animal Sanctuary) and am an avid recycler.

At 23-years old, I married for the first time. Joe was the stereotypical all American boy and my best friend. For 16-years we rode the roller coaster of life … and bicycles. After numerous adventures, two sons and a coming out of the closet, he lost his short battle with cancer in 2008.

Here we are, a decade later, and I share my life with a new husband, two teen sons, a dog and a cat. We’ve all lived through a host of experiences that needs to be shared because:

“Wisdom is the reward of experience and should be shared.” ~Unknown

These experiences, and the wisdom that followed, has shaped the path I now travel professionally. In 2011, I transitioned from being an interior designer to a certified relationship coach. During the following year, after experiencing personal breakthroughs, I was trained to teach women how activate their divine feminine. This work, combined with several life tools and processes allows me to guide neurotypical women who are in relationship with men who have ADD/ADHD.

“The rise of the feminine within us all will heal our world.”

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