In 2012, after a rigorous year of training with CRR Global, I received my Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching Certification.

CRR Global is an ICF accredited coach training school with course locations in the US and Canada. Their Coaching Culture curriculum is based on Systems Theory, Process Work, OD Theory, Family Systems Therapy, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Quantum Physics, Co-Active Coachingā„¢, and more. At its core is the study of Relationship Systems Intelligence.

Relationship Systems Intelligenceā„¢ (RSI) is the ability to identify with and collaborate with groups, teams, communities and other social systems.

As a Denver based certified relationship coach, I use my comprehensive skills to expand awareness for conscious and intentional relationships with self, others and earth. My services include group and private coaching to help forward educations and understanding of relationships because I believe couples are the foundations of humanity, giving rise to larger structures of family, community and society.

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